Diamond Tool Specialists


DSA Products manufacture and supply a complete range of diamond dressing tools, covering every aspect of dressing applications.

multi point


Dressers are designed to give a constant even wear throughout the tool life. They consist of a number of rows of diamonds which have been carefully selected and set by hand.

single point

Single Point

Is the name given to the traditional diamond dressing tool. As its name implies, it uses a single stone which can usually be reset several times in order to expose new cutting points.

blade dressers

Blade Dresser

The purpose of a Blade Dresser is to provide a robust and economical alternative to the single stone diamond chisel. A wide range of adjustable re-usable or fixed head holders are available for mounting the blade dresser.


PCD and Impregnated Tools

DSA can supply table mounted PCD or Impregnated dressing tools. Both in a rotary or table mounted form.


Handi Dressers

Handi Dressers are available in many different forms for all applications.

bonded dresser

Bonded Dressers

Bonded Dressers are an ergonomically designed tool used for dressing medium to coarse grinding wheels.

roatery dresser

Rotary Dressers

Rotary Dressers are an indexable system for cost effective dressing.